Best Vaastu/Fengshui Based Waterfall Paintings

Water is considered as one of the most powerful of five elements in Vaastu as well as in Fengshui . Water is the strongest source of flowing energy in our life as its very essence lies in movement and flow. There are many sources of water elements – lakes, rivers, rain, snow, oceans etc. But one source that is believed to represent the very essence of water element is –Waterfall-moving and flowing water in full force and energy .It is the symbol of “abundance”. In FengShui, Water symbolizes wealth and prosperity. A painting of a waterfall or a  brings the energy of water. Flowing water can ease tensions and allow the vibrations of the life force to enter your space and bring flow of money.

Waterfall Painting-

  • Channelizes positive energy towards your business and career.
  • Has calming effect on your mind which reduces the stress level and keeps you healthy and happy.
  • Source of abundant flow of wealth and good fortune.

Waterfall Paintings in the North

Running Water is a symbol of prosperity, career enhancement and good luck. The north sector of your house represents your career area. Anything to do with water is good here. You should hang paintings of waterfall to activate this area.


Avoid hanging water fall paintings on south walls since this area corresponds to fire energy and we all know water will extinguish fire and so will your will and desire to work and achieve success.

Avoid waterfall painting in the bedroom as the elements of water can bring the energy of anxiety in the bedroom.


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Two Feng Shui Fish for Wealth

In Chinese culture, the symbol of fish is attributed with two qualities- first is the aspect of abundance (because of the ability of fish to quickly reproduce in big quantities). The second one is the fact that the Chinese word for fish (yu) is pronounced the same way as abundance.  So, it goes without saying that the image of fish is one of the most popular and potent feng shui cures to attract the energy of wealth. Now, which fish is a better feng shui cure for attracting wealth and prosperity? Here are the 2 most popular feng shui wealth fish.


Koi is the most prized fish in the Feng shui world. A decorative variety of carp, koi come in several bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, white and sometimes black. The typical number for Koi fish in a feng shui is 9 (8 brightly colored koi and 1 black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. You can also find feng shui cures with 2 koi fish ( and 1 black fish )this being a feng shui cure to attract love and fidelity.


Goldfish is sometimes confused with koi because there is some similarity between them. The use of goldfish in a feng shui is very similar to koi fish. The golden colour of the goldfish brings the desired association with gold and the gracious movement creates good energy in the area where the painting is placed. The feng shui numbers rule for the goldfish is the same as for the koi fish.


3 Most Ideal God Paintings for Auspicious Gifting!!!

In Hindu culture, every new task of life is started on a spiritual note whether it is a marriage, birth of a child, new job, a new house or a new business. Every Hindu likes to give an auspicious and lucky start to every important event of life by remembering God Almighty, and what can be a more ideal gift to a person making a new start in his life than a God Painting.

So here are the three most ideal God Paintings for an auspicious gifting –

Ganesha Painting: Lord Ganesha is one of the most revered and loved Hindu Gods. Lord Ganesha is the Lord of success and the destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He is also the first to be worshipped during any auspicious event. Blessings of Lord Ganesha are said to be the most powerful ones. A Ganesha Painting is the most ideal gift on many occasions like- Marriage, House Warming Ceremony, New Venture, Festivals etc as Ganesha is believed to be the God of Prosperity and Luck and is worshiped to bring peace in the house. Now days, Ganesha Paintings are also available in modern art form to give a contemporary look to the walls of modern homes.

Buddha Painting: Buddha paintings are visual representations of the life and preaching of Lord ‘Gautama Buddha’. Buddha paintings not only reflect art and aesthetics but also profound moral value underneath their artistry. In this digital age where human beings are more after material possessions ,the painting serve as potential tools to rediscover their inner self. Buddha paintings guide us to walk to the pathways of spiritual enlightenment. A Buddha painting at home or office is believed to bring peace and harmony. It relaxes the body and mind by creating a meditative mood and thus relieves of all stress and anxiety. Now days, Buddha Paintings are also available in modern art form to give a contemporary look to the walls of modern homes. You can gift Buddha painting on any occasion but specifically on purchasing of a new house or new office by your near and dear ones.

Radha-Krishna Paintings:  In Hinduism, Radha-Krishna is symbolic of eternal and pure love. According to vaastu, Krishna & Radha painting is a true symbol of passion and love and by looking at their painting people can develop unconditional love towards each other. Love enhances between a husband and wife by looking at Radha-Krishna painting. Though it is considered inauspicious to hang divine pictures in a couple’s bedroom but Radha-Krishna paintings can be hung  because it is the symbol of love. You can gift Radha Krishna painting on any occasion but it is an ideal gift for newlywed couples and on housewarming ceremony.

Best Vaastu and Fengshui Paintings In South Zone !!!

South (S) is the Zone of Fame, Recognition and Social Reputation. The south corner of your house brings a good name to you in your chosen field of work if activated well. It plays a role in ensuring fame and recognition comes easily to you. Enhance this zone creatively with perfect vaastu paintings.

Vaastu Seven Horse Painting: Painting of Seven Horses is a perfect symbol to add in the South zone. It will make you gallop forward in your career without any obstacles. Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. A Seven Horse Painting in your home ensures promotion in the job, success in your business and financial stability in your life. The direction and placement of the galloping horses is very important. While hanging the painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home i.e. the horses should be moving into your home.

Feng Shui Eight Horse Painting: In FengShui, horses symbolize success, loyalty, courage, speed and endurance.Feng Shui recommends hanging painting of eight galloping horses in the living room near the entrance of the house to activate wealth and good luck energy in your home. Feng Shui horses’ painting is full of Yang (positive) energy which intensifies good fortune and brings recognition luck, fame, and respect. Place Feng Shui Eight Horse Painting on the South wall of your living room or office to energize Yang Essence of Fire energy like the power of the Sun or Southwest for building confidence to succeed.

Fengshui Bamboo painting :The south is the direction of fire, so you can use complementary elements associated with wood as the wood element feeds the fire element. Fengshui Bamboo painting is the element of “Wood” and brings wealth, luck, health and longevity. It is also a symbol of growth in life, wealth and relationships. It is also good for protection against harmful chi. You can place a painting of bamboo anywhere in your house or your office. There are no restrictions on where to keep the bamboo symbol.

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Ideal Vaastu and Fengshui Paintings In Northern Zone

North is the most prominent cardinal direction in Vastu Shastra and recognized as favourable after East. North is ruled by Lord Kubera- God of wealth. As North Zone represents Money or Treasure, its energy helps you to generate New opportunities and to raise inflow of wealth, success and riches. It is called the ‘fortune zone’ of your house as it corresponds to the money &finance.

Paintings In The North( For Career, growth and prosperity)

Painting  of flowing river  or Waterfall  :
North zone is dominated by water element. Painting of a water or river channelizes positive energy towards your business and career, have calming effect on your mind which reduces the stress level and keeps you healthy and happy. According to Fengshui, the painting of Waterfall or river is a source of abundant flow of wealth and good fortune.

Painting of Koi Fish or Gold fish
The fish represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish also translates to “abundance”.  The two types of fish that are commonly used in Fengshui cure are Koi Fish and Gold Fish. The typical number for Koi fish in a painting is nine (eight brightly colored koi and one black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. The feng shui numbers rule for the goldfish is the same as for the koi fish.

Eight Horse Painting: In Fengshui, it is believed that a painting of 8 galloping horses in your office or cabin boosts your luck while facing challenges at workplace or business. Galloping horses represent strength, courage, speed, power and endurance while number 8 represents eight aspirations of life-Career, Children, Recognition, Health, Progress, Marriage, Education, and Happiness. Hanging a painting of 8 galloping horses on the South wall of your office fulfills all your aspirations – bringing fame, recognition, triumph and promotion, steady and speedy growth, and success in career and life.

Painting of endless road or path:
The painting of endless road or path symbolizes ‘opportunities’ .It opens the door for new opportunities in career and business thus allowing growth and progress in your life.


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Five Reasons to Must Have Vaastu Paintings In Your Home!!!!


If you think a painting is just a piece of art meant for decorating your house  then you need to think again.

In today’s world of hectic and stressed lives; we do not realize how our surroundings influence us but it is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibe –since it invokes feelings (positive and negative), connected to the occupants. The importance of paintings in Vaastu is based on a belief in the universal life force of energies. Vaastu enhances the flow of energy in your house or workplace with proper placement of paintings in its favorable directions. Vaastu uses the magical link between man and the environment to create a surrounding that is in harmony.

For Easy Flow of Good Energy-Vaastu is about decorating your life with positive energy. It is said that hanging the right paintings according to Vaastu in your house can deeply affect your family life, relationships, career and happiness. Vaastu paintings are the easiest way to transform negative energy to positive Energy. Balanced positive energies in the artwork bring peace of mind and positivism.

To Bring Luck and Prosperity– Paintings such as a ‘waterfall’, ‘Goldfish’, ‘Flowing River’, ‘seven horses’  are symbols of prosperity, career enhancement and good luck. Paintings like that of ‘endless straight paths or roads’ symbolize plenty of opportunities ahead. The proper placement of paintings will enhance and harmonize the Vaastu of any given area, creating a prosperous environment for the home and workplace.

For health and well being– If you believe that ‘Health is Wealth’ and want to create an environment in your home to promote good and healthy life, then hanging vaastu paintings in your house is the easiest way of doing it. Paintings of evergreen bamboo, deer etc on the eastern wall invoke good health.

For Improved Relationships – Everyone loves to have family pictures and portraits displayed in one’s home but they have some benefits too as per vaastu. They increase bond and harmony in the relationships. Relationships can be improved by hanging paintings of birds and flowers, hearts, romantic scenes, happy couple photos on the South-West wall of your bedroom


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