Puja Room Décor – Beautful Puja Room Décor 2018

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Customized Portraits

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Buddha Painting – Beautiful Buddha Painting – 2019

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Four Most Perfect Vaastu Paintings To Gift the Ones You Love……

Vaastu painting – With festive season, celebrations, marriages round the corner, it gets more and more tedious to find a perfect gift for each and every friend and relative. To find a gift that is appealing and at the same time conveys our wishes in best possible is not an easy task. Here are some perfect gifting ideas for your loved ones that will make their day memorable .

Ganesha Painting

Lord Ganesha is the God of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.  A Ganesha Painting is the most ideal gift on many occasions like- Marriage, House Warming Ceremony, New Venture, Festivals etc as Ganesha is believed to be the God of Prosperity and Luck and is worshiped to bring peace in the house. Now days, Ganesha Paintings are also available in modern art form to give a contemporary look to the walls of modern homes.


Seven Horses Painting In Vaastu

Horses, specifically seven galloping horses, have a great significance in Vaastu . Horse, in Vaastu , symbolizes success and power. A seven horse painting in the house or office leads to progress and success in job or business, prosperity, career enhancement and good luck. What can be more perfect than a gift which can bring all the luck and happiness to your loved ones?


Bamboo Painting

 Bamboo stands for the earth, the greenery of earth and the nourishment provided by the same. It is a tree that nourishes and protects, hence it is a symbol of protection as well as luck. A painting of evergreen bamboo invokes good health and well being all the year round. So this festive season just go ahead and gift a good health to your friends and family.


Portrait Painting

All of us, at some time or another, have faced the challenge of finding a perfect gift for our loved ones. And the challenge becomes harder when you want to gift something unique that a person, for whom you are buying the gift, can relate to it emotionally. There is a perfect solution to this problem- Gifting Portrait Painting. Portrait Paintings can be gifted on any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine Day, House-Warming, festivals etc and that too with a variation every time , as portrait painting is available in various sizes and colors.


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A Perfect Fengshui Painting For Abundance in Luck,Wealth and Happiness

What is Koi Fish Legend?

According to a very old Japanese legend Koi fish are found in the Yellow River where they are often seen swimming bravely upstream. The part of the river where the waterfall flows is exceptionally difficult to pass and the Koi fish swim in opposite direction of the water. It is said that the Koi is brave and can surpass this hurdle at most times. If they fail, they are either caught or pushed back downstream. The Japanese legend claims that once the Koi fish pass this hurdle they are transformed into mythical creatures called as dragons and this marks the end of their struggle.

What does Koi Fish Canvas Painting represent in Fengshui?

Going by the saying, Koi fish are very brave by nature and therefore they represent courage and determination. They fight their way upstream to achieve their target. It is said that this action of the Koi is analogous to human suffering and the toil which human’s see in their lives. These attributes of the Koi fish are seen in many humans who are extremely driven by nature and want to make something of their lives or achieve certain goals.

Another very important thing that Koi fish stand for is status and wealth. In Chinese culture Koi fish represent ‘abundance .Koi fish paintings can attract flow of wealth and luck if placed at appropriate places in the home or business.

Apart from the fact that they beautify the house, a lot of people believe in the Koi’s abilities to ward off bad omen and attract wealth and happiness. The Japanese and the Chinese strongly believe that a Koi fish Painting at home can bring good fortune and good health to the owner.
What kind of Koi Fish Painting is Ideal?

If you wish to have luck and wealth on your side, then a painting of eight red and white Koi Fish is ideal. The number eight stands for prosperity in feng shui practices. Red koi symbolizes true love while white on the other hand is a symbol of progress in career. So, a painting with red and white color koi fish will result in perfect balance and harmony in your family as well as professional life.


Buying Koi Fish Canvas Painting Online:

With internet at your fingertips, it is very easy and convenient to buy Koi fish painting from online art galleries. If you have no idea or you are not sure about what kind of Koi Fish painting will enhance your walls, just check an online art gallery and choose your favorite koi fish canvas paintings from thousands of available designs.

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Father’s Day: A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Father

With Father’s Day round the corner, every son or daughter must be thinking about gifting his or her father with something special, unique and memorable. Painting is the ideal gift to honor the men who have dedicated themselves to being good providers and fine examples to their children. It is believed that a painting is worth a thousand words so go for the gift that can convey your affection without a need for you to utter a single word.

 Portrait Painting:
The first of the perfect paintings you can gift your Father is a portrait – his portrait in a suit or a tuxedo to hang in his office or if your father is a big cricket or football fan and had been a player at some point of time in the past, then you can gift a portrait of him in sports attire or another great tip is to gift a portrait of him in traditional or ethnic attire. You can also go for a portrait of your dad that includes the people who matter the most to him with he being the focal point – that means your mother, you, your siblings and your kids if your dad is lucky enough to be a grandpa by now. Nothing can give more happiness to a father than being surrounded by a happy, cheerful and loving family. And last but not the least, you can have a colored portrait painting done from an old and not-so-clear photo of your father lost somewhere in the dusty albums lying in some corner of your home. This is the best way to make this day memorable for him as one look at the portrait that is a great transformation of a tattered photograph, will bring all the cherished memories of the moments captured in the photograph back.


Vaastu or fengShui paintings:
If your father has been an ardent follower of  vaastu and fengshui and has a firm belief in these sciences then nothing can be more perfect than a painting based on vaastu or fengshui. You can gift him with seven horse vaastu painting or eight horse fengshui painting to hang in his office as these painting are believed to bring success, power  and good luck ….. What more you can you wish for your hardworking father on this day. If your father is more of a health conscious and philosophical man, then you can gift him with a waterfall or Buddha painting or Bamboo painting as these paintings ensure physical as well as spiritual well being of a person. These paintings bring happiness, peace and contentment in life. Another option if your father practices meditation is Chakra Painting or Om Painting for harmonious and joyful life, perfect health and renewed love and passion for life.


God Painting:
If your father is a spiritual and religious person then what can be a more ideal gift to him than a God Painting. The two most ideal God Paintings for a gifting are Ganesha Painting and Radha Krishna Painting or you can also go for Om or Buddha painting. And last but not the least in this category is Sriyantra Painting. It is considered the most auspicious, important and powerful instrument to achieve fortune, prosperity, and wealth in life.

Choose the best for the best father of the world to convey best of your feelings in the best way possible.


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Vaastu and Fengshui Horse Painting For Success,Growth and Fame

Horses symbolize success, power and stability loyalty, courage, forward momentum, and endurance. According to Vastu Shastra, horses speak to vitality, and their constant presence around us would subsequently trigger us to keep ourselves invigorated and focused too.

Vaastu Seven Horses Painting :
Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. A Seven Horse Painting in your office ensures promotion in the job, success in your business and financial stability in your life while it is believed that seven horse painting in your home ensures financial stability in your life. The direction and placement of the seven horses painting is very important. While hanging the seven horses painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home i.e. the horses should be moving into your home .It should be hung on the South or East wall of your home/office.

FengShui Eight Horse Painting:
Feng Shui eight horse painting is used to bring fame, recognition and triumph, mobility and promotion, bring steady and speedy growth in fame and success in career and life. Eight represents the eight aspirations of life, Career, Children, Recognition, Health, Personal Development, Marriage, Education, and Happiness. It is recommended to hang horse painting in fame area (South), as well as the Career area (North). A painting of eight galloping horses in the living room near the entrance of the house brings wealth and good luck in your home.It is also said the horses can help cure a struggling business and foster a good reputation.

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