Auspicious Paintings for home

Who doesn’t like to beautify their home? While most people have a fondness of assembling antique furniture, a few like to amass fine-looking paintings, photographs or wall hanging. According to Vaastu Shastra, people should be conscious of what they are pulling together around them, especially in case of paintings, photos or wall hangings. When we get all conscious about the right furniture, curtains, even placemats, then why we don’t bother about the stuff we put up on walls?

Vaastu has laid down some rules regarding the ideal positioning of pictures and paintings. Vaastu has laid down some directions and locations where these pictures and paintings can have maximum positive or negative effects.

Some of the tips about the direction and location of paintings and pictures to leverage maximum positive effects are:

Everyone loves to have family pictures and portraits displayed in one’s home. The best place to hang these pictures is the South-West wall, as this placement increases bond and harmony between the relationships. It is advised that you should never place your family pictures in Eastern or Northern corner of the house.

If water is the main element in your painting such as waterfall painting or flowing river painting or Koi fish painting, the best suitable place to hang such pictures is the Northern wall of your house. Water is an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity. In fengshui waterfall or fountain paintings bring abundant flow of wealth and good fortune.


Similarly, the painting of Seven or Eight horses should be positioned only on the Southern wall as it is a zone of your fame and reputation. Horses’ painting on south wall bring fame, recognition and triumph, mobility and promotion, bring steady and speedy growth in fame and success in career and life.

It is advised to have a painting of evergreen bamboo painting on the eastern wall. It invokes good health, happiness and luck all year round. It is also a symbol of growth in life, wealth and relationships

Buddha Painting can be placed anywhere in your home but living room is the best location .Place the Buddha facing towards the front door to energize the Chi entering the home.



Waterfall Painting In Vaastu and Fengshui

How Can A Waterfall Painting Change The Vaastu Of Your Home/ Office ?

Most of us have a waterfall painting in our homes and the only reason we buy it is that waterfall has a cooling effect on our eyes but do you know how a waterfall painting can change the vaastu of your home or office?……..

Market Wallpapers

Water element in Vaastu and Fengshui 

Water is considered as one of the most powerful of five elements in Vaastu as well as in Fengshui . Water is the very reason of existence of life on Earth .Water has played great role in the development of civilizations. Even our body constitutes 70% of water. Water is the strongest source of flowing energy in our life as its very essence lies in movement and flow. There are many sources of water elements – lakes, rivers, rain, snow, oceans etc. But one source that is believed to represent the very essence of water element is –Waterfall-moving and flowing water in full force and energy .It is the symbol of “abundance”.

In Fengshui, water is related to money. Paintings of waterfalls can help us connect with an endless stream of universal abundance. If the symbols of water, like Waterfall Painting, is placed in the right direction then it can bring success and profits.

Effect Of Waterfall Painting On The Vaastu Of Your Home/Office :

  1. Waterfall Painting channelizes positive energy towards your business and career,
  2. Waterfall Painting is believed to have calming effect on your mind which reduces the stress level and keeps you healthy and happy.
  3. According to Fengshui, the painting of Waterfall is a source of abundant flow of wealth and good fortune.


Do’s and Don’ts while hanging Waterfall Painting:

  1. Waterfall Painting on the Northern wall of living room corresponds to career and success.
  2. You can hang the waterfall painting in the corridor or lobby that leads to your home or office as you will have the view of this source of abundance every time you enter or leave your office or house.
  3. According to Feng Shui , you should not hang Waterfall Painting in the bedroom as the elements of water can bring the energy of anxiety in the bedroom.
  4. It is recommended by Fengshui that you should not  place a Waterfall Painting in  southern direction, as in FengShui it is a zone of fire element i.e  zone of your fame and reputation. If you put water symbols of Feng Shui in the fire zone, you create a bad Fengshui energy and conflict, because the water suppresses the fire thus having negative impact on your fame and reputation.
  5. Painting depicting circulating or moving water is more powerful than stagnant water.

How A Painting Can Change Vaastu Of Your Home???


Do you think a painting is just a piece of art meant for decorating your house?

Read And Find Out!!!

We lead hectic lives and are a busy bunch; not realizing how the surroundings influence us but it is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibe –since it invokes feelings (positive and negative), connected to the occupants culture, personal life and likes, wishes and desires too.

Does a painting make a difference?

 Paintings and portraits play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vaastu – shastra. In Vaastu, paintings can influence and support energies; bringing in plenty of luck across spheres, such as finance, education, relationships, health, children and social status-quo, amongst many others. A Vaastu painting not only invokes a spark and a touch of elegance to the house, but would bring in positive vibes and energies too.

Paintings in  vaastu and Feng Shui play an important role for your homes and offices – especially when you cannot alter the structure or the colors around. A balance can be attained when the 5 elements (water, metal, earth, wood and fire) are in harmony – Feng Shui paintings can help achieve them all.

How a painting can make a difference? Here are few examples

 For money and finance –Paintings such as a ‘waterfall’, ‘Goldfish’, ‘Flowing River’, ‘seven horse painting’ are symbols of prosperity, career enhancement and good luck. Some even use pictures of ‘endless straight paths and roads’ – symbolizing plenty of opportunities ahead.

Seven Horse Painting

Seven Horse Painting

For health and well being–  It is advised to have a painting of evergreen bamboo in the eastern sector – the painting invokes good health and happiness all year round.


Relationships – Relationships can be improved using paintings of birds and flowers, hearts, romantic scenes, happy couple photos and more.


 Dos and Don’ts

  1. As per Vaastu and Fengshui , there are some do’s and don’ts about paintings that you should keep in mind.
  2. The artwork should invoke vibrant and soothing energy once you look at the picture. Some of the best options are to place the pictures of a group of running horses, sunrise, an ocean, a sea, mountains, waterfalls, gold, laughing Buddha, flowers and laughing children as these photos bring a feeling of peace of mind when you look at them.
  3. Direction in which a painting is placed plays a vital role in imparting the full impact of a painting on the vaastu of your home or office. It is mandatory to have an idea of direction in which a particular painting is placed in vaastu.
  4. Do not place the photos of the departed souls in the pooja rooms as it is considered as inauspicious according to vaastu.
  5. Do not have the photos or pictures or paintings of a crying old woman, war, poverty, depressing pictures, or pictures of people fighting, struggling, angry people, eagles, battle scenes, and carnivorous animals in your home or office
  6. Do not place the photos of Gods in the Bedroom, and any pictures which show death, violence and negative aspects of life in the home or office.


For more details visit: vaastu paintings

A Perfect Vaastu Seven Horses with Rising Sun Painting


Vaastu Seven Horses with Rising Sun Painting in the background has a great significance. Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. A Seven Horse Painting with rising sun in your home ensures promotion in the job, success in your business and financial stability in your life. In order to derive the desired effect the seven horse painting with rising sun should be perfectly based on the principles of Vaastu in terms of size, direction, medium of print and other fine details.

Seven Horse Painting

Seven Horse Painting


The size of the painting should be determined with respect to the size of the room. A very small painting in a large room goes unnoticed and it is very important that a painting based on vaastu gets noticed to capture the positive vibes that it radiates.

The medium that you choose for the painting is also of great importance. The mediums available are –paper, canvas and wood. Paper is not an ideal medium for this painting because paper is fragile. Vaastu based seven horses with rising sun painting should be on strong medium as it represents strength and power. Canvas and wood are most ideal medium for it.

The direction and placement of the Vaastu based seven horses with rising sun painting is very important. The most ideal location for Vaastu based seven horses with rising sun painting is South or East wall of your home/office keeping in mind that the horses should run into the house or office.

Apart from the points stated above, there are some other fine details that one should keep in mind.

1) The horses in the painting should carry expression of happiness not anger.

2) Avoid hanging painting that consist of broken images of horses as this creates a distorted image in the mind.

3) Beware of the painting available in the market not based on vaastu in terms of size, direction, medium of print and other fine details.

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Paintings for Meditation/ Yoga Practice

Symbols are a significant part of the yoga tradition and play an integral role in yoga practices. Many mystics from India have stated that each individual comes into contact with a variety of universal forces when one practices yoga passionately and sincerely. This connection can be facilitated and expressed through the yoga symbols.

The symbols help the yoga practitioner achieve direct access to these forces, elevate themselves to a higher state of consciousness, develop positive qualities and bring deeper meaning and insight into one’s path. Hence, it becomes essential for each practitioner to have some of these common yoga symbols in the room to enhance the effect of yoga and meditation.


Aum/OM is the most common and sacred symbol within different spiritual traditions. Many yogis believe Aum to be the first uttered word. Considered to mirror the sound of the cosmos, chanting Aum helps us open our third eye and connect to the absolute and divine force of the universe. It allows us to tune in to a deeper place inside of us and create a clear vision of reality, one that lies beyond the conditioned mind. In practice, Aum is often used to open or close a yoga asana or meditation class. A powerful technique is to spend an entire meditation chanting Aum out loud or just mentally by concentrating on the symbol of OM on the wall in front of your eyes. This meditation will bring you tranquility, peace and bliss.



The term Buddha means the “awakened one” and represents the founder of Buddhism. A real person, the Buddha was a former prince who gave up a lavish lifestyle to find the root of human suffering and discover the true meaning of life. His story inspires us to remember that as a normal person who liberated himself from suffering, we can do the same. It is recommended to take a moment at the beginning of a meditation to imagine yourself as Buddha with all of his qualities – open, enlightened and compassionate. Meditating on the image of Buddha,the ordinary body, speech and mind are purified and transformed into Buddha’s holy body, holy speech and holy mind.


Sri Yantra

Shree Yantra is considered to be the Queen of all Yantras.  Its shape is composed of 9 triangles mystically drawn one within the other on the inside of the mandala.  It shows how this basic mathematical pattern governs the evolution of life.  The Sri Yantra is believed to be the image of the OM mantra, according to Hindus: the primordial sound of creation. A useful technique is to place or hang a mandala in front of you and focus your eyes on the center. This will help draw you deeper into concentration and meditation.


Fish Painting…

 The fish represents wealth and prosperity because the actual word in Chinese for fish also translates to “abundance”. Fish also symbolizes marital happiness, harmony and reproduction because fishes multiply rapidly and sometimes swim in pairs. The two types of fish that are commonly used in Fengshui cure are Koi Fish and Gold Fish. The typical number for Koi fish in a painting is nine (eight brightly colored koi and one black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. The feng shui numbers rule for the goldfish is the same as for the koi fish. The southeastern corner of your home is the best place to place your fish painting because that area governs your cash flow as well as your creativity or confidence. The north area (north represents water) and living room of the house is another favorable hang the painting of fish. Like waterfall, fish also represents water element so south direction should be avoided.

Waterfall / Fountain Painting…

Water is an ancient symbol of fengshui wealth and prosperity. Moving water is essential element of fengshui because it brings the energy of water. In fengshui waterfall or fountain paintings bring abundant flow of wealth and good fortune.

You must place water fountain or water feature in your wealth corners- south east, south west and north. In order to attract the flow of money in the house or place of business place feng shui waterfall/ fountain painting in the corners of the corridor or hallway that leads to your home or office.

It is not recommended to place a waterfall or fountain painting in a south direction, as in Feng Shui – it is a zone of your fame and reputation, which is an element – fire. If you put water symbols of Feng Shui in the fire zone, you create a bad feng shui energy and conflict, because the water suppresses the fire. You cannot put waterfall or fountain painting in the bedroom the elements of water can bring the energy of anxiety in the bedroom.