Father’s Day: A Perfect Gift for a Perfect Father

With Father’s Day round the corner, every son or daughter must be thinking about gifting his or her father with something special, unique and memorable. Painting is the ideal gift to honor the men who have dedicated themselves to being good providers and fine examples to their children. It is believed that a painting is worth a thousand words so go for the gift that can convey your affection without a need for you to utter a single word.

 Portrait Painting:
The first of the perfect paintings you can gift your Father is a portrait – his portrait in a suit or a tuxedo to hang in his office or if your father is a big cricket or football fan and had been a player at some point of time in the past, then you can gift a portrait of him in sports attire or another great tip is to gift a portrait of him in traditional or ethnic attire. You can also go for a portrait of your dad that includes the people who matter the most to him with he being the focal point – that means your mother, you, your siblings and your kids if your dad is lucky enough to be a grandpa by now. Nothing can give more happiness to a father than being surrounded by a happy, cheerful and loving family. And last but not the least, you can have a colored portrait painting done from an old and not-so-clear photo of your father lost somewhere in the dusty albums lying in some corner of your home. This is the best way to make this day memorable for him as one look at the portrait that is a great transformation of a tattered photograph, will bring all the cherished memories of the moments captured in the photograph back.

Vaastu or fengShui paintings:
If your father has been an ardent follower of  vaastu and fengshui and has a firm belief in these sciences then nothing can be more perfect than a painting based on vaastu or fengshui. You can gift him with seven horse vaastu painting or eight horse fengshui painting to hang in his office as these painting are believed to bring success, power  and good luck ….. What more you can you wish for your hardworking father on this day. If your father is more of a health conscious and philosophical man, then you can gift him with a waterfall or Buddha painting or Bamboo painting as these paintings ensure physical as well as spiritual well being of a person. These paintings bring happiness, peace and contentment in life. Another option if your father practices meditation is Chakra Painting or Om Painting for harmonious and joyful life, perfect health and renewed love and passion for life.

God Painting:
If your father is a spiritual and religious person then what can be a more ideal gift to him than a God Painting. The two most ideal God Paintings for a gifting are Ganesha Painting and Radha Krishna Painting or you can also go for Om or Buddha painting. And last but not the least in this category is Sriyantra Painting. It is considered the most auspicious, important and powerful instrument to achieve fortune, prosperity, and wealth in life.

Choose the best for the best father of the world to convey best of your feelings in the best way possible.

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Vaastu and Fengshui Horse Painting For Success,Growth and Fame

Horses symbolize success, power and stability loyalty, courage, forward momentum, and endurance. According to Vastu Shastra, horses speak to vitality, and their constant presence around us would subsequently trigger us to keep ourselves invigorated and focused too.

Vaastu Seven Horses Painting :
Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. A Seven Horse Painting in your office ensures promotion in the job, success in your business and financial stability in your life while it is believed that seven horse painting in your home ensures financial stability in your life. The direction and placement of the seven horses painting is very important. While hanging the seven horses painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home i.e. the horses should be moving into your home .It should be hung on the South or East wall of your home/office.

FengShui Eight Horse Painting:
Feng Shui eight horse painting is used to bring fame, recognition and triumph, mobility and promotion, bring steady and speedy growth in fame and success in career and life. Eight represents the eight aspirations of life, Career, Children, Recognition, Health, Personal Development, Marriage, Education, and Happiness. It is recommended to hang horse painting in fame area (South), as well as the Career area (North). A painting of eight galloping horses in the living room near the entrance of the house brings wealth and good luck in your home.It is also said the horses can help cure a struggling business and foster a good reputation.

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Decorate Your Pooja Room with Ready available Mandir backdrops and frames

While planning the interior of your homes, you get variety of options, right from wall decor to curtains to furniture to upholstery for each and every room, are available online as well as offline. But one place that gives you hard time to design is your –Pooja Room. There are only limited options available in the market – a readymade wooden or metallic or acrylic mandir, artificial floral torans and lights…..….still you get disappointed because the walls still fill empty and lack the very essence of a pooja rooms. There are many limitations too- size of the readymade mandir is not in proportion of the wall (either too big or too small), are not in sync with the interior of the house, lights or torans cannot be placed as per your planning or are not available in color or design you want.

So, here is the one-stop-solution to create a beautiful, divine and exclusive pooja space in your home-

Mandir Backdrop

A good Mandir Backdrop can enhance the ambience of your pooja room or space by imparting it a very divine and godly and grand look . You can give your pooja room the desired effect with a wall size backdrop exclusively designed for pooja room, available in various sizes, designs and color combinations- completely in sync with the interiors.

Mandir framework

Mandir frameworks are ideal for small homes- as you only need a free wall space for them. The sleek shape of the framework, the sizes, the designs and the vibrant colors make them perfect for big as well as small small pooja rooms. They are exclusively designed keeping in mind the elements that are part of the pooja room or mandirs.



Vastu tips for the bedroom

Shape and direction of the bedroom

According to vastu shastra, south-west is the most ideal direction for bedroom. The bedroom should be in square or rectangle shape. This brings in prosperity and peace in the lives of a couple. According to vastu, door of the bedroom should open completely at 90 degree and not partially for better luck.

Wall colors in bedroom

Soft pastel shades of blue, green and off-white are ideal vastu colours for your bedroom. Soft and light colors can not only make your bedroom look beautiful but also affect your mood, health and happiness in a positive way as per vaastu.

Wall Paintings in bedroom

Wall decor should be such that makes you feel serene and gives peace after a hectic, tiring and stressful day. You can hang couple portrait, painting of landscape, birds in pair, mandarin ducks, deer or flowers to bring positive vibes and enhancement of your mood and good health.

The Bed

According to Vastu, your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south.You should use wooden bed and it should be rectangular or square shape(avoid oval shape). Avoid using beds that have a box to store things. If you have such box beds, make sure they are clean and clutter free

Things to avoid in bedroom

Avoid keeping fish aquarium, plants and divine idols inside your bedroom. This can lead to material loss.

Ideally, you should not place any mirror inside your bedroom as it leads to misunderstandings and fights with the partner. However if you want to have mirror in your bedroom avoid its placement in front of your bed as the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is inauspicious.

Anything that disturbs the calm of the bedroom has no place here. Hence, no television, computer or mobiles or any other gadgets should be there in the bedroom.

Do not keep things that have not been used for years such as clocks, watches, electronic equipment, broken artifacts or machinery, in your bedroom. Clutter disturbs the energy flow and creates disharmony in the bedroom.

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Beautiful Mandir Backdrop and Framework For Your Pooja Room

In the times of small homes and space crunches, it becomes difficult to create a perfect space and ambience for pooja room. Even if you manage to squeeze some space to place or hang your small wooden mandir, it doesn’t satisfy you as it lacks the tranquility and divinity it should exhibit. So, here is the one-stop-solution to use a free wall of your house to create a beautiful, divine and exclusive pooja space-

Hanging your small wooden, acrylic or metallic mandir is not enough to give a holy and godly effect to the space. What you need is a good Mandir Backdrop that can enhance and impart the desired ambience to your pooja room or space. With a wall size backdrop, exclusively made for pooja room, you can not only give grandeur to your small pooja space but can also make it look substantially bigger than it really is.

You can also opt for Mandir framework for they are ideal for small homes. The readymade mandirs are either too small for the wall or too heavy to be hung on the wall. The sleek shape of the framework, as compared to wooden mandir, makes it lighter to hang and can be customized as per the size of the wall. It does not hang out of the wall too much to create hindrance in movement.

Mandir backdrops and frameworks are available in various colors and designs so you can choose as per your requirement or go for the one that fits in best with the interiors and color- scheme of your home.


Vaastu Paintings to Lead Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Life

Seven Horses Vaastu Painting

Horses, in Vaastu, represent success and power. Hanging a Seven Horse Painting on the South or East wall of your home/office ensures promotion in the job, success in your business and financial stability in your life. The direction and placement of the galloping horses is very important. While hanging the painting, one should make sure that it faces one’s home i.e. the horses should be moving into your home.

Waterfall Painting

Waterfall is the symbol of “abundance”. Waterfall Painting on the Northern wall of your home or office channelizes positive energy towards your business and career, have calming effect on your mind which reduces the stress level and keeps you healthy and happy.

Endless Path Painting

The painting of endless road or path symbolizes opportunities in career and business. A painting of endless path deep path on the west wall of your home/office can bring good vibes and harmony, new opportunities in life and ceaseless growth.

Deer Painting

Deer is a symbolic of speed and agility. A deer painting on the east wall of your home or office ensures good health, detoxifies your mind of negative thoughts and blocked emotions. It infuses vitality and speed in to any sluggish and laid back system and has the ability to smoothen out any serious or complicated situation.

Bird Painting

Birds symbolize opportunity, new beginnings, fortune, and prosperity. Painting of a bird flying high in the sky in the kids room will help children dream big and to achieve big in life. The fortune area of your house is also dominated by the wind element — in such a case, hanging a painting of flying birds will make things better for you, financially. Relationships can be improved using paintings of birds in the bedroom of the house- the painting in bedroom should have two birds as a representation of couple.

Ducks Painting:
Ducks are a symbol love and loyalty. Hanging a painting of ducks in the bedroom leads to improving relationship between couples. One of the most well-known ducks that symbolize love and relationships are the mandarin ducks.


Hanging Bamboo Painting for Good Feng Shui to get luck and prosperity

Looking for the use of the Bamboo Painting for Good Feng Shui? Bamboo Painting is very popular Feng Shui cures which represents the symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Asian culture for more than 4,000 years.

Why Bamboo is considered lucky?

Bamboo represents 2 basic Feng Shui Elements
– Earth: the nourisher.
– Wood: the protector
The Bamboo brings peaceful and wise energy into your home or office. It not only helps in your home décor but also brings good luck and prosperity for all as it is green, tall and has vertical shape a perfect example of the wood element which influences our life energy, vitality and physical activity. We can learn lots of thing from this plant; it can grow in poor light and adverse conditions and still be strong so it teaches us that how we can survive and be open-minded to ensure that Chi flows and sets you spiritually free. It can attract the flow of the positive chi energy wherever it is placed

Why to hang bamboo painting at home/office ?

  • Bamboo Painting attracts health, prosperity and good fortune for business owners and homes.
  • It can be used as a gifting option to anyone you wish good fortune, health and abundance.
  • Bamboo Painting adds luck and beauty in your life.
  • It invigorates your love life and brings long and peaceful life in terms of health.
  • For people focusing on career and business, it symbolizes success and growth. In a Buddhist view
  • Symbolizes graciousness, honor and virtue.

How to Place the Bamboo Painting for Good Feng Shui

It is very much important to place the Bamboo Painting in right direction of your home or office. The best direction to place your Bamboo Painting is east or southeast wall of your home .

For health of the family, hang the painting on East wall of the home or office.

For inviting wealth and prosperity the painting should be placed in the Southeast direction .